Last Sunday in February 2018 (February 25, 2018)

We have identified a short term (12 to18 month) location that’s available to us as early as February and are continuing to identify both short-term and long-term facilities.

Please start and continue to engage and invite people into relationship with Jesus. Engage and invite people to LifeChangers (small groups), Sunday worship services and any other GCC moments at our existing meeting places. We will provide information as soon as a new location is determined.

Pray, Connections to DCPS (principals,teachers,etc.), Identifying property.

Yes. We plan to stay in DC. Long term we plan to have multiple sites within and beyond DC including areas near and around local universities (e.g., HU, UM, GU, GW, AU etal)

We have asked for an extension of the current agreement. Our request has not been granted.

A GCC member and the parent of a GCC member, both with commercial real estate experience, are assisting us with this process.

Yes. We requested a long-term lease. We were asked to begin with a short-term lease and then establish a long-term lease.

Yes. We are exploring short-term lease options with DCPS.

TBD. The search criteria includes space for grace kids.